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February 13, 2008, 8:17 pm
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Since a friend of mine requested a romanized script from a short scene in a Japanese dorama, I realized that it’ll be interesting to do some scripts in the future.  We’ve done scripts before (usually 1-3 minutes) mostly for animes that we enjoy watching and “acting” it out.  I know that the dialogues are much faster in doramas thus there will be more mistakes in such scripts (and there’s no possible way to check the romaji either since the original scripts are not available, unlike song lyrics).

We will try our best to make everything as accurate as possible.  And sorry, we won’t accept requests that exceed 6 minutes.  It takes time and energy to sit in front of the computer and continuously replaying files and recording/checking the romaji while you could be doing something more entertaining.  Remember, if you’d like to make a request, please comment or e-mail us at or .

BTW, new section up: KIWI.

Yes, that is my artist name.  I’m the composer of the lyrics.  The lyrics are mostly going to be in Chinese (also, of course, with translations).  Since I just started studying Japanese (and only in the second year of French), I can’t write songs in those languages.  And English…well, that’s another story.   XD  Anywayz, the lyrics will be up soon and those lyrics are MINE.  COPYRIGHTED.  NO STEAL.

One more thing, please don’t plagiarize.  I mean, we worked really hard on the romaji so at least credit us.  Please.  And please DON’T credit us if the song has ** next to it but don’t claim it either.  Please.