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メリークリスマス!!! Yatta~
December 25, 2008, 7:39 pm
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On the last day of school before winter break, many people gave me Christmas presents.  It was a big surprise because I never get any gifts for Christmas -_-;;.
Traditionally, my family gives presents to all of our teachers every year cuz teachers are respected in China…(Note: That was IN CHINA.)  So we wrapped bags and bags of Lindt chocolate with names attached on the front.  I saved some Lindt for Xhes and Mai <3.  For Suki, I gave her a Santa plush and I gave Lynn a flowery pink notepad, except that she didn’t get it yet!  Lynn also tried to give me a card but the guy she entrusted the mail to didn’t know half the people on the list.  Blah.  So much for helping, eh?
Anywayz, I had a whole bunch of things to carry in the morning what with all the food, presents, and my violin so my dad drove me.  We didn’t do much in class.  Mostly we hang around and stuff ourselves full with chips, cupcakes, and cookies.
English: We sang karaoke, just like we did last year, with OLD, OLD songs that I never heard of but it was funny watching the guys crack singing in falsetto.
Math: We did one math problem and got sidetracked.  Mr. Eddy our math teacher was convinced into doing a juggling performance for us.  It was awesome!  Even Suki, president of the Juggling Club, got up and did a duo perf with Eddy.  I won’t even attempt to juggle two balls >.>;;.  And to end the class, one of our classmates got up and breakdanced.  He wasn’t too good at it but it was fun just watching.  This was my favorite day that day haha.
Psychology: We played an extra credit game in which one of our group members have to go up and express a randomly picked word or phrase and then our group members have to guess what it represents (for example: wind, islands, pursuit of happiness, Obama, etc.).  Our group lost; we always got difficult things grrr…D=
French: Our class watched Kung Fu Panda in French.  Omg the movie is so CHINESE, and so funny in FRENCH.  They pronounce panda “PONDUH”.  LOLOLOL  And in the middle of the period, Mai applied blue eyeliner, the one she gave me, on my eyelids.  XDDD
History: We fooled around and ate until our stomachs hurt.  So many people can bake really well in our class it’s annoying -_-.  I was basically just fawning over my gifts (too happy that day) cuz Jody came by and gave me ZOMG SILVER DIAMOND VOL. 1.  But all happiness was pushed aside (slightly) when Mai burst out crying cuz she saw that her performance grade in French was lower than what she had expected on our progress report.  We all tried to comfort her and soon she calmed down a bit.
Lunch: I usually have violin lessons every Tuesday so I didn’t go to lunch.  Three other people, Suki, Mai, and another Mai (we call her Nomi) were supposed to be there with me but they were too lazy to carry their violins to school that day.  So I was left alone with Mr. Sadie playing Christmas songs and stuffs.  I have to say, I can actually improve playing by myself…
Physics: STILL the most boring class of the day.  We played table-hopping in which we have to bounce a ball on one table and it has to bounce off three other tables consecutively, kinda’ like water-skidding, except it’s way nerdy. =/  A whole bunch of AP geeks hogged the ball and the tables the whole time trying to show off their PHYSICAL physics skillz.  Total blah.  What’s up with smart people and their egos?  Ick.
So here’s the list of things that people gave me, complete with pics and everything!
My Christmas presents from everyone!
Vampire Knight Vol. 5 from Kiki <333.  She owes me two birthday presents XD.  I stole another book, Homeless Bird, from her.  She got it free from the local library haha.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying myself presents so after school that day I went to Borders with Kiki to buy Godchild Vol. 1 & 2 for a discount.  *can’t wait to read them*
Silver Diamond Vol. 1.  I totally screamed and squealed like the little fangirl that I am when I got this from Jody.  SHE’S THE BEST!!! ❤
Omg my favorite!  It’s a Santa voodoo doll I got from Suki.  Now I totally have something to torture people with.  MUAHAHAHA~!
Mai was amazingly gracious.  She gave me an expensive hardcover book on Scientological ethics, a bottle of shimmering body powder that smells really nice from Japan, a tube of Avon metallic blue eyeliner <3, AND a Christmas card.  I thanked her repeatedly.  XD
Xhes got me a mini stocking filled with candy, a flowery pink fabric bookcover, and a romance book she probably got from a library.  Even though those things aren’t new, I really appreciate the efforts and the thoughts.  Thanks, Xhes!
My dad bought himself a mini Acer notebook with ThankYou points.  It came in a box a week ago.
Omg I was so excited when these arrived in the packet from Borders two weeks ago on a Saturday.  I can’t wait to read Switch. <333
After school, Kiki and I went to Borders with me carrying bags of gifts and a heavy case of violin.  She bought a David Archuleta, her #1 idol right now, magazine and I bought two volumes of Godchild.  Then we went to her house and hang out.  We watched a movie, played violin together, and danced to a choreography called Cha Cha Slide.  It was so totally crazeh that day and I crashed when I got home, sort of.
On Christmas Eve, my sister and I went to work in our mom’s nail salon, now with additional hair and spa services.  We almost fell asleep working there in such a boring atmosphere.  Since it wasn’t that busy, our dad drove us home early.  And I had mucho fun solo karaokeing with winter songs.  I watched my sister play MapleStory, read Avalon High by Meg Cabot, and then fell asleep at 2 AM.
So nothing much happened on Christmas day.  I just went on Facebook and played Pet Society for a while, finished reading the book, and now I’m updating my blog…for once.
MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!! (Even though we didn’t have snow or anything.)

 And finally, no more school for a little more than a week which means more playtime.

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